Things you need to know before considering being a part of any Florida Chapter of the BSMC:

1) Are you willing to learn more about the history and legacy of the original Buffalo Soldiers and promote and sharing that knowledge? The story of the Buffalo Soldiers is one of the greatest stories never told! What the Buffalo Soldiers did for this country is always being revealed and it is our responsibility seek out that information and to preserve and share that history and legacy.

2) Do you own a motorcycle (750cc or above) and have an endorsement on your license to operate a motorcycle? Are you insured to own and operate a motorcycle 750cc or larger? We are a law abiding long distance riding motorcycle club. 

3) Being a Buffalo Soldier is expensive. Here are just a few expenses you will encore: $200 for the initial fees and colors, the clubs dress shirt, hotel fees, gas to and from meetings/ event etc., dues.

4) Do you own a dependable motorcycle capable and comfortable enough to travel long distances? Nothing is more disappointing that planning a ride and you can't make it due to a broken down ride. Buffalo Soldiers are known for riding long distances…so a sufficient displacement on a bike is advised, a comfortable cruiser is advised, and also the ability to transport all the items you will need on the trip is a consideration.

5) Do you have time to devote to Buffalo Soldier matters at least three days a week? This time may be used to e-mail, write or call current members of the chapter or other chapters, plan rides or communicating with the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC).

6) Do you own a personal computer or have access to one at work? Members maintain consistent contact with other chapters and the National Council and receive e-mail updates and other event information is imperative.

7) Will you be able to wear colors with fear or retribution from other motorcycle groups? In some areas motorcycle clubs get a bad rap based on the existence of “outlaw” motorcycle clubs. Since Buffalo Soldiers do not claim a “territory” it is important you to know that there are groups/clubs that are territorial.

8) Are the you interested in joining a organization that will hold inter-chapter rides and weekend get-togethers? Chapters are also encouraged to attend local events and conduct local events so to promote the camaraderie of the club, increase chapter participation and demonstrate a positive public image.

9) Are you willing to participate in motorcycling events that are “family-oriented”? Buffalo Soldiers are known to be courageous, fearless and brave. We are that. But we also behave in a manner that respects family, community, country and most important GOD.

10) Are you willing to pay dues to a national association? Part of the mission of the BSTMC is to give back to the community through time, man-power and financial gifts in the name of charity. Dues and fund raisers help us to fulfill that mission.



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